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Where to start?

For me, it was always going to be skills and training that allowed this individual to sustainably support himself, and not be reliant on Alex or other people for socks, coffees, and a thousand other things. Of course, skills and training cost a lot more than coffees. But what if everyone chipped in?

In my last business, we held the largest ever crowdfunding round for a startup, so it was a pretty instinctive to use the same method. I tested the idea with charities and people thought it was interesting – it hadn’t been done anywhere in the world yet, so we said “Okay! Let’s launch it right here in London.”

Our first member was a guy called Tony, who was living in a homeless hostel in South London. He wanted to be an electrician but couldn’t afford the training and had hit a wall. When I told him he could be the first person on the platform he was evidently very nervous, and only had one thing to ask: why would anyone actually help him? I told him that I thought they would because they care. He wasn’t convinced, but we gave it a go. It turns out people do care and before we know it, he’s one of the main stories on Sky and BBC News. He’s got a big splash on Time Out, Reuters, Evening Standard, Vanessa Feltz, LBC…

Five months down the line, he qualified and made it into stable work as an electrician. Now for the first time in twenty-odd years, he’s in employment, and about to move into his own place for the first time in two decades. The model is working incredibly well. More than 90% of