Networking Benefits In Coworking Spaces

Networking is a crucial component of building any new business or start-up. Meeting other creatives in your industry encourages creativity, innovation, debate, and reflection, all of which are integral to developing your team’s skills and knowledge.

Creating connections through collaboration opens doors to professional partnerships, a broader client base, and a wealth of peer support and advice. That’s why Co-working spaces and office spaces in London are growing in popularity as a fresh and progressive way to network.

Traditional offices have a purpose, particularly if you prioritise control over your brand, space, and privacy, but it can be limiting. Only your team is present in a leased office, making collaboration and connection impossible, and leaving you isolated.

Privacy sounds great in theory, especially for big businesses, but for small or medium-sized businesses focused on development and growth, it can stunt their trajectory and leave teams feeling uninspired. However, in a Coworking office space, the opposite is true.

Working alongside other professionals from various industries, including your own, has countless benefits and offers a pool of new ideas and guidance for yourself and your team. Although there are some sacrifices you may have to make, joining a community can challenge, motivate, and re-energize your business.


Close Proximity Allows For Easier Connections

Coworking spaces vary in size, budget, and facilities with a close proximity to a diverse mix of industries and businesses. This is achieved through their design, which encourages connections through open-plan layouts, dedicated communal spaces and relaxed, comfortable furniture that puts you shoulder-to-shoulder with other creatives and professionals.

Frequently they hold events, workshops, and host speakers to inspire and break the ice, too, further adding to the sense of community. This focus on creating opportunities for connection makes it easier to get the ball rolling and manufactures moments for natural conversation.


A Productive And Likeminded Environment

Everyone in a Coworking space is there for the same reason, to increase productivity and meet like-minded freelancers, business people and potential clients who can be assets to their network. If you are concerned that there is an increased opportunity for distraction and potential disruption to current work styles, you needn’t be.

Coworking spaces effortlessly blend a range of environments through a clever combination of breakout rooms, communal spaces and private offices that cater to personal ways of working. Having the option to decide which is best for your team, hour to hour or day by day, allows you to change it up when you feel like you’re in a slump.

Additionally, for some being in an environment where everyone is focused on working towards the same goals can improve their concentration and productivity. It can inspire people to work harder and drive them to compete and achieve more, reducing the opportunity for excuses and discouraging the impulse to interrupt or distract others.


Social Facilities

Like snowflakes, every Coworking space is unique and offers a different blend of social facilities for you to choose from. Making an informed decision based on the needs of your business and team can boost morale and build confidence in collaboration. Facilities that you’ll find and may want to prioritise when searching for Coworking spaces include: 

  •  Bars, restaurants and cafes
  •   Event and workshop spaces
  •    Meeting rooms
  •  Phone booths
  •   Gyms
  •   A reception
  • Breakout rooms
  •  Communal kitchens
  •  Roof terraces
  • Gardens

Your choice of social facilities is personal and should reflect your values, needs and interests to maximise connections with like-minded individuals and teams.


Networking Events

Depending on the type of Coworking space you choose, you’ll have access to an assortment of different networking events. From yoga meditation sessions to guest speakers and from lunch-and-learns to panel discussions, you’re guaranteed to find an event to suit you. No organisation is required.

Often covered by your membership payment, with the occasional nominal fee, these events are community-based, responsibility-free opportunities to learn new skills, develop a deeper understanding and meet new people. There is the potential to volunteer to speak at these events, too, increasing the visibility of your brand or business to the community and generating potential future business inquiries and collaborations.


 Coworking Opportunities With Spacepool

At Spacepool, we’ve collated the best office spaces in London, from hot desking to Coworking spaces, to ensure we have offices to suit the budget, needs and facility requirements of every business, team and professional.

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